Richter :D.Piljevic , SRB 

Richterbericht Daron SRA Dortmund


Strong boy of correct type , slightly biggish but still in balance. Masculine head and expression.Exc. Neck and shoulders.Good bone, plenty of forechest.Lovely rounded ribs .Exc.topline.Exc.tailset and carriage .Good coatcondition .Moves sound.Exc. in temperament . 


Formwert : V3 Offene Klasse 

Richter :D.Piljevic , SRB 

Richterbericht Phoebe SRA Dortmund


Charming lady of corect size and balance .Pretty head and expression.Nice neck and shoulders .Good bone , plenty of forechest, lovely rounded ribs,Correct topline.Correct tailset and carriage .Moves correctly , shows her lovely temperament 

Formwert : V Offene Klasse